PFSA 24mm Orange Individual Polymer Warning TGSI

PFSA 24mm Orange Individual Polymer Warning TGSI

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Description: PathfinderIndividual Hazard Indicators are manufactured from premium Engineered Polyurethane in Australia offering the highest impact resistance & UV stability on the market.
Colours : Orange
Installation: 'Drill & Fix' – Innovative technology, tactiles secured using an interference fit, whereby polyurethane deforms within the cavity to secure the stud within.
Substrate: Timber, Concrete, Asphalt, Stone Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Direct Stick Carpet, Broadloom Carpet (Request Carpet Kit Specific PDS)
DimensionsMajor Diameter: 35mm, Minor Diameter: 25mm, Thickness: 5mm, Shaft Length: 12mm & 24mm
 Luminance Contrast Requirement: Discrete Polyurethane Tactiles require a 45% luminance contrast with that of its surrounding substrates to achieve compliance with AS14528.4.1 Design for access and mobility.