PolySilver Toilet (Airlock or Corridor Entry) 180x180mm Braille Sign

PolySilver Toilet (Airlock or Corridor Entry) 180x180mm Braille Sign

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All stocked items dispatched 1 working day upon order received, delivery 1-2 days Victoria, 2-3 SA & Eastern Seaboard, WA & NT 3-5 days. 

Description Colours: Korb Braille Tactile Signs are manufactured from a premium engineered Polycarbonate raised (embossed) front with a 2mm aluminium back offering the highest UV stability on the market.
Colours: Silver
Substrate: Adheres all substrates
Dimensions: 180x180x2mm
Luminance Contrast Requirement: (a) The background, negative space, fill of a sign or border with a minimum width of 5mm must have a luminance contrast with the surface on which it is mounted of not less than 30%. (b) Tactile characters, icons and symbols must have a minimum luminance contrast of 30% to the surface on which the characters are mounted. (c) Luminance contrasts must be met under the lighting conditions in which the sign is to be located.
Complies & Exceeds Required Australian Standards: All signs manufactured by Korb are fully compliant with D3.6 of the Building Code of Australia and Australia/New Zealand Standards AS1428.1. Our signs are also fully compliant with requirements in New Zealand, Great Britain and Canada.